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You Can Download the app from a 3rd Party App Store on your iPhone Check How?


Apple Plans massive changes in its closed ecosystem, they are planning to change IOS and other services and products because of Digital Markets and Services Act by the EU. ( This Act is intended to promote fair competition and better privacy protection and remove some invasive targeted advertising.)

According to Mark Gurman, Apple will redesign its platform to “open up key elements”, meaning iPhone and iPad users can download apps through third-party app stores and websites.

Apple is initially planning to apply these changes only in the 27 countries of the European Union after that they may expand these services to the other region.

These new changes will be likely to arrive with ios 17 in 2023 because Digital Markets and Services Act deadline is 2024.

Other than that this will also include broader access, Find My Network to the NFC chip, the camera, and the AirTag and bringing new web browsing engines to iPhones and iPads.

According to Gurman Apple still going to charge developers even if they don’t use Apple App Store.



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