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Top 10 Truecaller Alternatives for Android and iPhone devices September 2023


Top 10 Truecaller Alternative

If you’re frustrated with the Truecaller app due to its bloated ads and pop-ups, and excessive background battery usage, you may want to consider switching to an alternative caller ID app. Fortunately, there are several great options available. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 Truecaller alternatives for Android and iPhone devices September 2023.

Additionally, the Truecaller app collects an excessive amount of personal data about your contacts, messages, and call logs. If you’re not a tech-savvy user, you may not be aware that Truecaller can also collect information such as photos, location, microphone, camera, and nearby devices.

This may raise concerns about privacy and data security. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more privacy-friendly alternative to Truecaller, be sure to check out the top 10 alternatives for Android and iPhone devices that we have listed above.

So We have collected the Top 10 Truecaller alternatives for Android and iPhone devices. These apps help you find new contacts and identify unknown people. Do not waste your time looking for them on Google or other social networks. 

These 10 Apps Like Truecaller have all the features of Truecaller; some even have a lead over truecaller.

Here are the top 10 Truecaller Alternatives for Android and iOS devices you can use.

Top 10 Truecaller Alternative

1. Eyecon Caller ID & Spam BlockBest Truecaller Alternative App

Eyescon Caller ID & Spam Block is considered one of the best Truecaller alternatives available in the market right now. This app instantly provides the caller’s number and their social network profile when you receive a call.

It synchronizes with social media platforms like Facebook to display the caller’s real photo, making it easier to identify who is calling.

With a full-screen caller ID, you can quickly identify callers by their name, number, or photo without any hassle of setup or configuration. Simply open Eyescon and start using it right away.

  1. Full-Screen Contact Image.
  2. Social Media Sync
  3. Battery efficient
  4. Toki Feature that allows you small walkie-talkie-like conversion with your friends.
  1. Small user base data. (use as a backup)
  2. Ads in the free version
  3. Limited contact lookups. 

2. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

Whoscall is one of the best Truecaller alternatives, with over 65 million downloads and a database of over a billion numbers. One of the significant advantages of Whoscall is its offline availability, which allows you to identify callers even when you are not connected to the internet. This feature is not available on Truecaller.

Besides, Whoscall offers other caller ID features such as number blocking, spam detection, and searching for unknown numbers.

With all these features, Whoscall can be an excellent alternative to Truecaller in 2022. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a broader audience.

(free with in-app purchases)

3. Showcaller: Caller ID & Block

Showcaller is another excellent alternative to Truecaller in 2022, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This app can identify most unknown and spam calls with detailed information and images of the people calling.

Additionally, it comes with an offline database, number block, spam call block, inbuilt call recorder, and fast T9 dialer.

With all these features, Showcaller can enhance your caller ID experience while also improving your overall smartphone experience.

(free with in-app purchases)

4. Hiya – Caller ID & Block

Hiya, formerly known as White Pages, is a powerful caller ID app available on both Android and iOS platforms. One of the significant advantages of Hiya over other caller ID apps is that it is completely free of cost and free of ads.

This feature makes Hiya one of the best alternatives to Truecaller in 2022. With Hiya, you can easily identify incoming calls and block unwanted calls or SMS.

Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features make it an excellent option for anyone looking for a hassle-free caller ID experience.

(free with in-app purchases)

5. CallApp: Caller ID & Block

CallApp is a comprehensive caller ID app that offers all the essential features, such as spam call blocking and identification of unknown numbers. This app can also record both incoming and outgoing calls, making it a versatile tool for managing your phone calls.

CallApp is currently only available on Android, but it provides a seamless and intuitive user interface that allows you to quickly and easily manage all your phone calls.

If you’re looking for a reliable and functional caller ID app, CallApp is an excellent option to consider.

6. Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam

Mr. Number is a reliable caller ID app that can identify unknown numbers and block spam calls effectively.

One of the standout features of this app is its ability to block calls from specific users, area codes, and even entire countries, making it an excellent option for blocking international spam calls.

Mr. Number is available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users. If you’re looking for a caller ID app that provides robust call blocking capabilities, Mr. Number is definitely worth considering as a Truecaller alternative in 2022.

7. TrapCall: Unmask Blocked Calls

Trapcall is one of the best Truecaller alternatives in 2022, available on both Android and iOS app stores. Although its Android rating is not good, it is the best alternative for Apple users.

Trapcall offers the same caller ID features as other apps, such as blocking spam calls and identifying callers. It comes with a unique “No Caller ID” feature, which is TrapCall’s patented technology to reveal the user behind the unknown number.

The app can automatically block spam and robocalls by updating their global spam number database. However, it is only available in the US market.

(free 1-week trial, pro plans start from $3.99)

8. Callblock – Adblock for unwanted calls

Callblock is the first app that lets you stop telemarketing phone calls in iOS. This app will block calls from over 2 million telemarketers. It has the world’s biggest directory of telemarketers – now over 3,000,000 classified entries from over 100 countries!

9. ViewCaller – Caller ID & Spam

Viewcaller is a basic Caller id app that works on both Andriod and ios platforms. They can do basic Caller things very well. 

(free, $2.99/month)

10. Caller ID, True Spam blocker

Caller ID is a top-notch application that helps you identify and block spam and unwanted calls. This app not only works as a caller ID but also as a phone contact and call blocker app. With Caller ID, you can instantly display the true caller ID name when you receive an unknown call.

This application has already crossed over 10 million downloads and has access to over 20 billion numbers data from a global community. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your communication or make it more efficient, Caller ID is the perfect app for you.

(Free; in-app purchases)

Top 10 Truecaller Alternative Conclusion

In conclusion, while Truecaller may be a popular app, it does come with some privacy concerns that make users uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are several Truecaller alternatives available on both Android and iOS platforms that can help you identify unknown numbers, block spam calls, and protect your privacy.

Whether you prefer apps with offline databases, free of cost, or with unique features like call recording or no caller ID, there is an app for everyone.

So, don’t hesitate to try out some of the Top 10 Truecaller Alternative we have suggested and find the one that suits your needs best.

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