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Google Play Awards 2022: Best Apps and Games 2022


Every Year Google recognizes the best apps and games on the Play store. Now we are in the last month of the year and we called it the Month of the top 10. Like Apple, Google has announced Google Play’s best apps and games for 2022. This year Google added a new category of the Best apps and games for Chromebooks. So, Let’s check out Google Play Best Apps and Games of 2022. 

Google’s Best Apps and Games 2022

Google Play’s Best Game of 2022 is Apex Legends. This is also the top 10 download list throughout the year. For the Best App, Google selected Dream By WOMBO. it is Ai-generated art that can create beautiful pieces of art from just simple text. 

In India, Questt is the best app. It is an Ai-based learning app. users’ Choice of best app is BeReal and the game is Apec legends Mobile.

So, Here is the list of the Best App in Every Category. 

Google Play Best Apps of 2022

1. Best for Fun: PetStar

2. Best for Personal Growth: Breathwrk

3. Best Everyday Essentials: Plant Parent

4. Best Hidden Gems: Recover Athletics

5. Best Apps for Good: The STIGMA App

6. Best for Wear: Todoist

7. Best for Tablets: Pocket

Best for Chromebooks (new category): BandLab

Google Play Best games of 2022

  1. 1. Best Multiplayer: Dislyte

2. Best Pick Up & Play: Angry Birds Journey

3. Best Indies: Dicey Dungeons

4. Best Story (new category): Papers, Please

5. Best Ongoing (new category)Genshin Impact

6. Best on Play Pass (new category): Very Little Nightmares

7. Best for Tablets: Tower of Fantasy

8. Best for Chromebooks (new category): Roblox



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