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Daily Tech News 4 September 2023 – The Miraq


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iPhone 15 Rumor Mill: “FineWoven” Cases Set to Outshine Leather Once More – Daily Tech News 4 September 2023

As the countdown to Apple’s “Wonderlust” special event on September 12 continues, more hints are emerging about what we can expect from the iPhone 15. The latest buzz suggests that Apple’s beloved leather cases may soon become a thing of the past. Instead, a new lineup of fabric cases, reportedly branded as “FineWoven,” could take center stage.

The FineWoven cases are rumored to feature rubber-wrapped bezels with a slightly darker shade than the primary case color. These eco-friendly cases are said to come in an array of stylish options, including Black, Mulberry, Taupe, Evergreen, Pacific Blue, Wisteria, Antique White, Butter Yellow, Orange, and Pink.

Additionally, there’s exciting news for Apple Watch enthusiasts. Alongside the FineWoven cases, Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new magnetic clasp-style watch band, crafted from the same woven material. Priced at $99, this new band is set to compete favorably with Apple’s existing offerings, offering a $50 saving compared to the Modern Buckle band.

With just nine days to go until the big reveal, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest innovations and surprises at the upcoming event. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

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