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Daily Tech News 3 September 2023 – The Miraq


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Innovative 360-Degree Hinge: Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Foldable Smartphones Patents Filed – Daily Tech News 3 September 2023

Microsoft is reportedly planning a comeback in the foldable smartphone market with an innovative twist. A recent patent filing reveals the company’s intention to create a “truly foldable smartphone” featuring a 360-degree hinge. This hinge would allow the flexible OLED display to bend both inwards and outwards, a unique feature not seen in current foldable devices.

Unlike previous  Microsoft Surface Duo 2 models with individual AMOLED panels, this new device would employ a continuous flexible OLED display, made possible by a complex hinge mechanism designed to reduce stress on the display.

Innovative 360-Degree Hinge- Microsoft's Vision for the Future of Foldable Smartphones Patents Filed - Daily Tech News 3 September 2023

If successfully executed,  Microsoft Surface Duo 3 could redefine the foldable smartphone market, offering users both tablet and non-tablet modes on a single expansive screen.

While it’s uncertain whether this patent will result in a real product, Microsoft’s commitment to the smartphone space suggests promising developments ahead. Whether consumers would embrace a foldable smartphone with a 360-degree hinge remains to be seen.


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