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Samsung Exynos 2400

Samsung Exynos 2400

SKU: Samsung Exynos 2400
Brand: Samsung
Category: Processor
  • Chipset Name Samsung Exynos 2400
  • CPU SPEED 1x 3.21 GHz – Cortex-X4 2x 2.9 GHz – Cortex-A720 3x 2.6 GHz – Cortex-A720 4x 2 GHz – Cortex-A520
  • GPU Samsung Xclipse 940

MIraq Score

  • CPU 9 / 10
  • GPU 9 / 10
  • NPU 9 / 10
  • Battery life 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 9 / 10
  • feature 9 / 10

Samsung Exynos 2400 Specification and Benchmark – In a comeback that echoes through the tech landscape, Samsung has unleashed the Exynos 2400, a 10-core marvel, on January 17, 2024. Marking its return to the flagship processor arena after a two-year hiatus, Samsung aims to go head-to-head with rivals like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Apple’s A17 Pro.

Crafted with precision on a 4-nanometer process, the Exynos 2400 has already earned its stripes, powering smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and S24. What sets it apart? An Samsung Exynos 2400 AnTuTu score is 1666145, promising a performance that demands recognition.

How does it stack up against the competition? We dissect the Exynos 2400 specifications, benchmarking its CPU architecture, clock speeds, and Samsung’s revolutionary Xclipse 940 graphics. Keen to know more? Read on for a deep dive into the Exynos 2400’s prowess.

Join the discourse in the comments section below and let us know – what’s your take on Samsung’s authoritative return to the flagship processor game?

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Samsung Exynos 2400 Specification and Benchmark

Samsung Exynos 2400 Specification and Benchmark | Samsung Exynos 2400 Antutu Score
Exynos 2400 CPU Core
Prime1x Cortex-X4 @ 3.2 GHz
Big2x Cortex-A720 @ 2.90 GHz
Mid3x Cortex-A720 @ 2.6 GHz
Small4x Cortex-A520 @ 2.0 GHz

At the heart of Samsung’s Exynos 2400 lies a formidable CPU configuration, designed to propel the mobile computing experience into the future. Launched on January 17, 2024, this 10-core powerhouse marks Samsung’s triumphant return to the flagship processor arena after a two-year hiatus.

Let’s break down the Exynos 2400 CPU:

  • Cortex-X4 Core (1x): Running at an impressive 3210 MHz, this core brings unmatched performance to the forefront.
  • Cortex-A720 Cores (2x at 2900 MHz, 3x at 2600 MHz): Balancing power and efficiency, the A720 cores cater to various processing needs.
  • Cortex-A520 Cores (4x at 2000 MHz): Focused on efficiency, these cores handle less demanding tasks, contributing to a holistic performance.

This dynamic configuration promises a seamless blend of power and efficiency, catering to the diverse demands of modern smartphone users. The Exynos 2400’s CPU prowess is not just a specification; it’s a testament to Samsung’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile processing.

Crafted using Samsung’s 4nm LPP+ process technology, this CPU is not only powerful but also efficient. As we delve deeper into the Exynos 2400’s capabilities, stay tuned for benchmarks that showcase how this CPU stands tall in the competitive landscape. Share your thoughts on this powerhouse in the comments below, and stay connected as we unveil more facets of Samsung’s flagship resurgence.

Samsung Exynos 2400 GPU

Complementing the formidable CPU, the Samsung Exynos 2400 boasts a cutting-edge GPU, the Samsung Xclipse 940. As part of Samsung’s resurgence in the flagship processor market, this GPU is a key player in delivering stunning graphics performance.

Let’s dive into the details of the Exynos 2400 GPU:

  • GPU Name: Samsung Xclipse 940
  • Architecture: Samsung Xclipse
  • GPU Frequency: 1009 MHz

See your games in a new light with the Exynos 2400’s Xclipse 940 GPU, built on AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture. This GPU aims to make gaming more immersive at every turn. Hardware-accelerated ray tracing brings every level to light, with realistic shadows and reflections for a more vivid gaming experience.

Crafted with precision using Samsung’s 4nm LPP+ process technology, the Exynos 2400 GPU not only enhances visual performance but also contributes to overall energy efficiency.

The Samsung Exynos 2400’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU) boasts 2-GNPU and 2-SNPU, collectively performing 17,000 MAC operations. While exact TOPS numbers aren’t officially disclosed, industry insights, including those suggested by Dr. Ian Cutress, estimate an impressive potential of around 44 TOPS.

Samsung Exynos 2400 Benchmarks: Antutu and Geekbench Scores Revealed

Unveiling the sheer performance prowess of the Samsung Exynos 2400, the Antutu and Geekbench scores stand as definitive markers of its capabilities.

Antutu Benchmark Score: Samsung Exynos 2400 Antutu Score

Samsung Exynos 2400 Antutu score is 1666145, this processor asserts its dominance in CPU, GPU, memory, and UX performance. This score underscores the chipset’s ability to handle diverse tasks with efficiency, making it a frontrunner in the flagship processor arena.

Geekbench Benchmark Score: Samsung Exynos 2400 Geekbench Score

Samsung Exynos 2400 Geekbench 6 score Single-Core Score of 2203 and a Multi-Core Score of 7021. These scores reflect not only raw processing power but also efficiency in multitasking scenarios.

The Exynos 2400’s impressive performance in both Antutu and Geekbench benchmarks showcases its capacity to deliver a seamless and powerful user experience.

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SmartPhones with Exynos 2400AnTuTu v10
1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus (Exynos)1700494
2. Samsung Galaxy S24 (Exynos)1699940

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Samsung Exynos 2400 Antutu Score?

Samsung Exynos 2400 Geekbench Score?

What are the benchmark scores for the Exynos 2400?

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Manufacturer Samsung
Announced 17 January, 2024
Model S5E9945
Class Flagship


Size Samsung’s 4nm LPP+
Cores 10
CPU Configuration 1x 3.21 GHz – Cortex-X4
2x 2.9 GHz – Cortex-A720
3x 2.6 GHz – Cortex-A720
4x 2 GHz – Cortex-A520
High Frequency 3210 MHz
Performance Core 1x 3.21 GHz – Cortex-X4
Power Efficient Core 4x 2 GHz – Cortex-A520
Core architecture hybrid (big.LITTLE)
Instruction set ARMv9.2-A
Storage Type UFS 4.0


GPU Xclipse 940 GPU based on AMD RDNA 3 architecture, 6-core
GPU frequency 1009 MHz
GPU Architecture Samsung Xclipse
OpenCL Version 2.0
DirectX Support 12
Vulkan version 1.1
Video Encoding H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9
Video Playback 8K at 60FPS, 4K at 240FPS


APU / NPU / AI Proc. / Neural IP AI Engine with 17K MAC NPU(2-GNPU+2-SNPU) and DSP
TOPS Speed 44 TOPS


RAM frequency 4200 MHz
RAM Max 24 GB
Bus Speed 4x 16 Bit


Cellular Technology 5G NR Sub-6GHz 9.64 Gbps (DL) / 2.55 Gbps (UL)
5G NR mmWave 12.1 Gbps (DL) / 3.67 Gbps (UL)
LTE Cat.24 8CA 3Gbps (DL) / Cat.22 4CA 422Mbps (UL)
5G Modem
5G Network 5G NR Sub-6GHz
5G NR mmWave
5G mmWave
5G sub-6 GHz
Download Speed Up to 9640 Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 2550 Mbps
Dual SIM

Wireless System

wireless System Samsung Wireless System
Wi-Fi Band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e/7, tri-band, Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi 7
Bluetooth 5.3, A2DP, LE
USB USB Type-C 3.2, OTG


ISP Samsung ISP
Single Camera Up to 320MP in single camera mode
Multi Camera Dual-camera 64MP+32MP @30fps
Video capture 8K @ 30FPS / HDR, HDR10+, and HLG
Video Codec Up to 8K decoding: 60fps with 10-bit HEVC(H.265), VP9, AV1 Up to 8K encoding: 30fps with 10-bit HEVC(H.265), VP9

Display and Audio Support

Display Support 4K/WQUXGA @120Hz QHD+ @144Hz
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Audio Playback AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV


Security Features Samsung Knox
Fingerprint Sensor
Face Detection


Charging Speed fast Charging


AnTuTu benchmark scores 1666145
Geekbench scores Single-Core Score - 2203
Multi-Core Score - 7021


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